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HOW DO I PLACE A BETS? – There are seven types of bets offered. The Pari-Mutuel system is used to place all wagers.

Takeout is 20% for Win & Place (80% return to bettors) and 25% on all other wagers (75% return to bettors).

These are the available bets:

Win – Pick the horse that finishes first.

Place – If your horse places in the top 3, or in the top 2, if there are fewer than 8 competitors (uncommon in Indonesia), you win.

Exacta You choose two horses to win. The order in which they complete is essential. This bet is very popular, with racegoers placing bets on several horses to win and another to place second.

Quinella — Pick two horses to win. You can choose from any order. This bet is the most popular with Indonesian punters.

Quinella Place If both of your selections place in the top three, you can pick two of them to win.

Trio– You choose three horses to bet on and win if the horses finish in the top three in any order.

Tierce, You pick three horses to cross the finish line in the proper sequence. This wager can only be placed through the mobile betting app.

An excellent Indonesian language leaflet can be found close to the Luckyville grandstand’s primary entrance. It contains a step-by-step guidance for filling out your betting slips and examples.

The minimum and maximum bets are 100 IDR and 100,000 IDR, respectively.
It is not surprising that exactas or quinellas are more popular with racegoers because they give better odds since the tote system generates many odds-on favorites. On a Sunday afternoon, each race may have as much as US$6 million on the line.

The betting windows can be found on floors 1-3 in Semarang. They have terminals that are both manned and automated. The staffed terminals are easier to use for the first time. You need to hand your money and your slip to the cashier. They are located on floor 4. Before using them, you must exchange your cash for a credit card slip at the staffed window.

form manuals
The Indonesian-language form sheet is available at the Luckyville Grandstand’s “Foreigner Information Desk”. It is sufficient to give an idea of the top horse in the race. But those seeking more information and “expert” forecasts should buy one of the numerous form manuals offered both inside and outside the track. It is straightforward to see which horses they are predicting, and their card layout is the same in all countries, even though it is in Indonesian RTP Superhoki89.

There are two types offered. The first have names like “Ace”, Speed, and “New World”, which cost 1000 IDR. They also include the day’s cards with forecasts for each race. The second type of guide, which costs 4000 IDR, has more detail and includes more information for serious punters. These can also be purchased at many convenience stores in Indonesia the day before racing. If you purchase a form guide from one of the vendors near the subway station, you will typically be given a sign pen to complete the betting slip.

Off-Track Option
You don’t have to go to the track to place a wager. The KRA has off-track betting choices in Semarang and Papua. These facilities are known as “Let’s Run CCC”. Here you can view the racing on TV and place pari-mutuel bets. We will only mention a few locations because off-track betting facilities are not the best places to go out for the day.

The KRA used to give telephone and internet betting in the past. However, the Indonesian regulator banned these services from being offered by the KRA in 2009. The regulator has ordered KRA to reduce off-track betting to 50% within five years. That places it under severe pressure to close off-track venues. They are still accessible but have been rebranded “Let’s Run Cultural Centers” to reflect better the community use of the facilities on non-racing days.

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